Anypoint Store

anypoint store

Anypoint Store - Catalyst Accelerator for Retail is a set of API designs and supporting reference implementations, that accelerate the path towards digital transformation. Drawing on its work with 2 of the top 5 global retailers, MuleSoft’s Catalyst Accelerator for Retail provides a microservices foundation for implementing key omnichannel retail use cases.


Catalyst for retail includes Anypoint store, an example of a simple responsive e-commerce store. 


Logic flow

Mapping out even the simplest flow resulted in faster and clearer communication, as well as early decision making.
Happy path of an Anypoint Store user begins in browsing the store's collection and later navigating from an item page all the way to the straightforward check out process. In order to provide a fluent browsing experience, the step to Sign in is not enforced before checkout.

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