Bankaroo is a virtual bank for kids that teaches kids (and parents) about the value of money in a simple and fun way. 
Bankaroo allows users to manage allowance and expenses on the web, or with the native app on the Tablet and Smart phone.

In late 2017 we completely redesigned the application and it's visual identity.


Visual identity

Our main objective for designing the new visual identity was to make it modern, clean and friendly for a younger audience.  Bankaroo users are Adventurous, Determined and Playful, which served as a basis for defining the new visual identity.



The application is heavily dependent  on 2 main actions, one is positive - Adding funds, and the other is a negative action - Using funds. 
This characteristic suggests a frequent use of Red and Green as negative and positive primary colors, with a dark purple and light gray pastel as neutral primary colors as balance. Secondary colors are serene color tones, mostly used in background gradients in the application.

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 6.22.27 AM.png

logo redesign

With 100,000+ members already using Bankaroo, it was important to keep the logo recognizable and familiar.  We redesigned the illustrative kangaroo character to better fit the new aesthetic.

The existing typeface of the logo was replaced with a typeface that is simplistic and contemporary and yet still playful and fun.


Multiple variations of the new logo allow a flexibility of usage depending on the situation. Horizontal layout of the logo is used in the header of the Application to optimize height, circular logo is used well in merchandise -stickers, T-shirts,.. Single color logo is a very simplistic and modern variation.




All components for the application were custom built. We designed the application to be card based, each card expandable and collapsable with subtle micro-animations. The cards appear with a slight shadow to appear more materialized. As a motivating factor of gamification, we designed visually appealing badges that are achieved on certain milestones.


The buttons and text fields have rounded corners to appear friendly, with added a slight shadow for a better affordance. Primary actions are filled color, and the secondary buttons are outlined with color.

Artboard 5 Copy 6.png

Because the application is designed for children as well as parents, the text is mostly uppercase, which is easier to read for children . We provide colorful iconography that is appealing to younger users. 

Artboard 5 Copy 7.png
Artboard 5 Copy 9.png





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